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Welcome to Love, Life, SEX!  Journalistic prose from S. M. Kennedy and the S. M. Kennedy Project.  You may wonder about the other sex, how your relationships or love life could be better. Just stop for a moment and think about the benefits!


S. M. Kennedy, the author of The Passion of the Secret Message, has answers!  Years of research, for the addition of such information into short stories, novellas and novels has put S. M. Kennedy “In The Know!”.  These short pieces of journalistic prose are easy to read, informative, and without question caulked full of research from the leading sources of such information.


This for entertainment only website has a number of idea is which will help you, gain and maintain the life you want to live!

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The S. M. Kennedy Project, started by S. M. Kennedy to help aspiring writers gain a ground and foundation in the art of being authors.  The site is an ever-growing collection of information and tips, which provide basic grounds for their growth.

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Love, Life, Sex! presents information regarding relationships, interactions, and sex.  Not primarily focused on sexual topics, it does present topics of sexual nature.

Articles About SEX!


The Passion of the Secret Message provides one place to read all of S. M. Kennedy’s prose.  Focused on Adult Fiction, The Passion of the Secret Message site is the only place to get new stories from this inspiring author and those whom volunteer to present their prose under the S. M. Kennedy brand name.




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